Melbourne Leak Repairs provides a personalised service based on the needs of building owners.  Our expert team can carry out several levels of leak detection services, explaining both the nature of the problem and practical solutions in plain English.  We can even document the entire process and then work with owners to repair the leak permanently.

Whether your issue is with an older building, where leaks are usually more obvious, or in newer buildings where the leak source can be more challenging to trace, Melbourne Leak Repairs will be able to track down the source and provide the solution.Leaking-Basements-large

Over 20 plus years of leak detection in Melbourne properties, the source of over 90% of these leaks has been from a shower, roof, balcony, door or basement.  While the water damage in your property might be a long way from these areas, the chances are that is where the leak originates.  Rest assured, wherever your leak originates, we will find it.

Waterproofing Expertise

While each repair is different, the solution to most external leaks involves the application of waterproof membranes along with an effective balcony drainage solution.  Waterproof membranes are often the best way to ensure properties are protected, and are usually applied in walls or roofs to block water from seeping through from leaks and drainage issues.  External waterproof membranes can provide a stronger more impenetrable protection system.

Melbourne Leak Repairs will apply the most appropriate form of waterproof membrane for your building and specific leak requirements; blocking any access water may have to the interior of your property.

Is your leak dangerous?

While leaking showers and roofs can cause internal damage to your property, which is bad enough, over the last 20 years we’ve seen the dangers that can result from balcony or basement leaks time and time again.

Often difficult to detect, balcony and basement leaks can threaten the entire structure of your home or property if not identified accurately and repaired correctly.

With our extensive knowledge of balcony and basement leaks and drainage issues in Melbourne properties, our experts will be able to provide a thorough assessment and effective repairs to ensure the fabric of your building is protected over the long term.

If you think these are claims you’ve heard before, think again.  We’ve worked long and hard to establish our reputation as one of Melbourne’s most trusted names in leak repairs.  And we’ve built this reputation through a simple formula.  Honesty, affordable quality services, expert advice, and leak detection and repairs that go the distance.  So no shortcuts, no shoddy repairs to get the job done quicker – only the highest of standards to provide the right solution.


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Melbourne Leak Repairs; We will find, detect and fix your leaks !