From the inner city to the outer suburbs, Melbourne Leak Repairs has a story to tell that might just sound familiar.


Building and basement leaks in South Yarra

Picture the scene. Disgruntled tenants and one very unhappy owner of a six-storey apartment building with a decade long history of leaks, band-aid fixes from multiple tradies, and yet more leaks. Once on the scene, the Melbourne Leak Repairs expert team discovered multiple leaks from water seeping through concrete slabs and through concrete block walls into plaster ceilings and skirtings, causing considerable internal damage, and the basement car park. Certainly one of our bigger jobs, but after a phased 12 month program of work, long-term leaks have been eradicated, the building owner has been able to effect internal repairs with confidence and the tenants are both happy and relieved.

Building leaks in St Kilda

External water membranes provided the solution for a 1970s community housing building in St Kilda, built in the days when concrete panels were all the rage. A design featuring tilt up concrete panels had not only resulted in unsightly marks and deposits on the building’s surface, but water running between the panel joints was seeping into the building. Our expert team’s assessment and testing identified the panels affected, the extent of the leaks, and the best solution to prevent water entry to the building. Leaking-Showers-large

Window and roof leaks in Newport

Shoddy construction work is often to blame for water leaks, as a very unhappy homeowner found after her home renovation. At their wits end, Melbourne Leak Repairs were asked to assess the situation, make recommendations and carry out repairs. We detected more than 20 building and roof leaks resulting from the renovation. We contracted a roof plumber for the necessary roof repairs while we concentrated on the water leaks. The result? The homeowner and her family are now able to enjoy their renovation.

Balcony and roof leaks in Doncaster

Collapsing ceilings, extensive plaster damage and ruined floating floors since very early on in the building’s history told the story of this 10 year old four level apartment block when Melbourne Leak Repairs came on the scene. The culprits? Water leaking from tiled balconies into apartments below and poorly installed guttering combined with leaf build up. While still an ongoing project, collapsing ceilings, damaged plaster and ruined floors are now definitely part of this building’s past.


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