Balcony and Basement Water Leaks | Melbourne

Leaking balconies can cause a whole lot of fuss and stress, especially when it comes to finding a repairer to fix water leaks and drainage issues. When a balcony is found to be leaking, damage can occur to tiles, surface coatings and even neighbours. This hazardous situation should be rectified as soon as possible, as balcony leaks can pose a threat to the entire structure of your Melbourne home.


With extensive knowledge and skills in balcony leaks and draining issues, our experts can solve any issue at hand through careful assessment and appropriate repairs. Additionally, basement leaks can also be rectified, with our professionals taking care of the job by waterproofing the area, fixing all water leaks and ensuring the property is safe from the reoccurrence of basement or balcony drainage.


We’ve worked long and hard to establish our reputation as one of Melbourne’s most trusted names in leak repairs. By offering you the most affordable, quality services for your needs, we’ll ensure your drainage or leak issue is rectified and able to go the distance – we don’t take shortcuts or utilise poor techniques that get the job done quicker; you’ll only receive the highest standard support from our team.


If you’d like to find out more about our balcony or basement leak services, please get in touch with our team on  0403 139 994. We’re always more than happy to provide you with advice or answers to any questions you may have.

Melbourne Leak Repairs; We will find, detect and fix your leaks !